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The results from the second annual Cision®/PRWeek global survey highlight the continuing challenges PR pros face, but also offer valuable insights into tactics that are helping to overcome them.  From improving your ability to truly gauge the impact of your comms programs – and prove them to the C-suite – to gaining a better understanding of which channels and influencers most impact consumer behavior, this survey, which includes year-on-year comparative data, is a valuable tool for every comms pro. Key insights include:

  • While 80% have data that gives them a strong sense of how many people clicked their content, only 43% have data that gives them a strong sense of what people do after they consume the content
  • 54% place analytics and reporting among their top three most important brand activities – a 20% bump from last year
  • 68% of comms pros make a concerted effort to stay in touch with the media even when there is no current story to be covered
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